Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Kiki Smith's Born

Title: Born
Artist: Kiki Smith
Year: 2002

This is a sculpture by Kiki Smith called Born. She is known for creating shocking and provocative art, and this sculpture demonstrates the reasons for this reputation. In this work, a small deer gives birth to a mature, life-sized woman. I find the idealized forms modeled in the classical bronze to be ironic. Smith uses the traditional style and material of sculpture to depict extremely untraditional subject matter. In some cultures, the deer is symbolic of renewal or rebirth. Smith reveals nature and the connection between humans and animals.


  1. this is very ironic and where. but in a way it makes since that animals and human nuture in the same way. they both take care of their kids and feed them until they are grown enough to go on their own and get there own food.

  2. Yes I think Smith is really interested in the idea that we are animals, that our bodies work the same as those of other mammals.